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A workplace wellness program that gives back for healthy living.

Put your wellness program on autopilot.

Easy to manage, with simple reminders to help you remember when you need it most.

Walk. Earn points. Earn $.

What could be easier?

Integrates with the most popular fitness trackers, like Fitbit . See a list of all the trackers we support here .
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Workplace Happiness

Hiring the right folks is hard. Keeping them is harder.

Workplace happiness is proven to improve employee retention. #WorkHappier

Workplace Wellness

Healthcare costs are rising.

Improving wellness in simple and inexpensive ways like H2W can help to reduce healthcare premiums while improving your employees' lives.

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Ryan Schade
Project Manager, Health2Wealth participant

At DisneyWorld I actually came home and synced my fitbit most nights just to see my name at the top of the leaderboard because it's not something I'd normally get to see!

Laura Terry
Human Resources Manager, Health2Wealth plan administrator

Having the Health2Wealth program has been very positive for us. Finding ways to incorporate physical activity into our work life has been a challenge, and with Health2Wealth, I see people taking more walks, using the stairs instead of the elevator, and working from our tread desk.

Administratively it is easy to use – adding people to the program and downloading reports is a snap. Bottom line, I am a Health2Wealth fan and would recommend the program to others looking for a simple way to track and encourage physical activity in their companies.