Which pedometers does Health2Wealth support?
We currently support the following pedometers/services: We also have apps for the following mobile platforms:
Will Health2Wealth ever support my pedometer?
Maybe! We're always looking for new trackers/wearables to add to the platform. Let us know what your favorite is!
Why doesn't my picture show up?
We use Gravatar to find your picture. Sign up over there and associate an avatar with the same email address as your Health2Wealth account .
What are the steps/points/awards conversions?
Talk to you plan administrator for help, or go to your settings page.
Why do the weeks run from Monday through Sunday?
ISO 8601 ... enough said.
What is with the bonus/weird week at the end/beginning of some years?

We like to call that Q5. Some folks way smarter than us designed the ISO 8601 standard.

Since H2W is based on calendar quarters, and years aren't perfectly divisable into quarters, occasionally there is an extra, one-week long quarter. For more information: Mathematics of the ISO8601 Calendar

Billing FAQ
How does quarterly billing work?
Health2Wealth works on a quarter-based system. If you elect quarter-based billing, we'll bill you based on the ISO8601 calendar.
What does a typical reward system look like?
Some of our companies give out cash, others do gift cards, and others do raffles. For example, SEP gives each participant anywhere from $10 to $145 per quarter based on the participant's activity level.
What is a participant?
A participant is any user signed up under your ogranization, whether or not they're using a tracker/device.
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